About Us


While looking for an eco-friendly way to serve drinking chocolate, the Cream + Sprinkle Cocoa Cup was born!

Made out of high quality ingredients, this is not your ordinary chocolate treat. Our CUPS holds hot, cold, and frozen contents. Our Cup brims are hand dipped with the finest chocolate, making it the ultimate drinking experience.

Our Story

Cream + Sprinkle was co-founded by Wendy + Jaime. They have a strong background with baking sources and culinary skills. They have a bigger passion for bringing people together through food as a medium of bonding and are passionate about envioromental impacts.

Edible favours

Edible favors are a fantastic way to delight your guests while offering them something practical and enjoyable. From our customisable cubes and cones, there are endless options to choose from to match any event theme. sure to leave sweet memories for your guests long after the event is over.